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Vladimir Poutine
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Vladimir Poutine Another great find from Maine's small but determined metal scene. Very nice guitar-bass interplay, sparse but tasteful vocals, and deliberate pacing that bridges doom and post-metal with influences from psychedelia on the side. Highly recommended. Favorite track: Opium Pink.
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canucklehead music so big and brutal they couldn't just be called giant. proggy guitar work, bludgeoning percussion. think isis, if isis was riding a giant squid through space jousting a super nova. huge and heavy. great album name and wicked art. Favorite track: My Heart: The Kindling.
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Part 1 of two. Descend into enlightenment.


released May 28, 2013



all rights reserved


GiantGiant Orono, Maine

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Track Name: My Heart: The Kindling
Ayin, the Lonely Servant
Cries: Eighteen years now
Alone. Guidance, Directions:
Lost from this world

Written in the Flesh
A Dead Language Inscribed
Burden of the Line
Unknowingly forsaken

The House of Sight
The Smell of Death,
Power, and Truth
Mercy, Hope, and Legacy
In Ashes Entomb
Arson Consume

Burn it down.
Track Name: In Stone
Emerge from Lies
A Shadowed Light
The Cry Of Ancestors:
Now We are in Stone

Striving in the fire
Seal bodies in the Earth
Lest Ashes Return

Fire bodies into the Dark
To caverns for the Lost
Lest Ashes Return

Hades Awakes
Hades Awakes

Now We are in Stone…
Track Name: Opium Pink
Stalwart Lair Wurm
A new challenge
For an old blade

Bleeding White
Imbues colors
On a world of Night

Solar Winter cross
It guards
As I take aim
Hades sighs
Makes He LOX rain
Worlds collapse
Into One

A Mercury Planet
A sea of Orange
A sky of Death

An overwhelming presence seeks me
Watches me paw through the air like I was insane
I can feel them shudder and stare in disgust
But I know I have reached a great Holy Place
I touch a pair of fiery green eyes
As the fire consumes my body, my mind becomes clear yet distant
Burdened and Illuminated

Fall on
Void dust fields
Perception fails
Falling through

Unnerving Pain
One Hour
No Words
Track Name: Reflection
Euphoria lifts my mind skyward
As my heart is buried
Sinking into the Earth
Into caverns that were Lost
And forgotten
In darkness lay forever

Memories of Love
Of blood and loss

Take them from me
As a burial gift
A body and it's history
Now Wind is my only kin

The cocoon of ignorance
The stab of reality

The child must grow
The moth will die

To find the Light
Track Name: Resolve
Ayin-yud-nun, I am now You.

Track Name: Dead Like a Gun
The problem is in the mix
Black and White guard
A soldier withholding his inborn rage
Ball and Chain

His voice is knowledge
Self-awareness of Hate
Demands action
And blood

Now I will admit this is a falling Empire
but I carry the Divine

Brace Yourself for Movement
I've seen a brighter Light
Well unify
Its in your heart and lips
Superior Empire

I answer only to Ayin

Eternal Struggle
Mark boundaries with Fire
Decapitation of Judgement
Through Rhetoric

Show me your Ensign
Tattoo my head in your eyes
The price of Liberty
Track Name: Goodbye, Brobdingnag
I've escaped like the Air
Illusion with no end
Slide between dimensions
Breathe truths of the Spirit

Fall to Sleep
No waking gone too Deep
Fall to Sleep
These are Dreams that you can't keep

Solice attained
It is something that i can't feel now
darkness inside, cannot expel
Visions that kill

I'll burn out
On nightmares and dreams
Falling still deeper into
Dissolution of reality
Sweet release from all confines
Darkness blinds
A deeper color realized
Tantalizingly close to
Feeling The Eternal Mind

Cleanse and Grace
This soul with new perceptions
Nature has faded
Now the realms beyond
My final destiny

Now Hades I've gone
Ancient roles renounced
In Planes you can't See